Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery: We do not provide delivery services. We can recommend a third party contact for delivery needs.  Delivery quotes and services are not associated with AHL.

Inventory:  New products arrive frequently based upon our project schedule.  We will always update our facebook page, often with when we will expect items to arrive along with photos and pricing.

Pricing:  Non Negotiable.  We strive to bring our customers the very best pricing that we can while still keeping the lights on and our crew fed. Our costs on items vary based on the item quality and our overall costs.

Payment: We accept cash and all major credit cards. In order to avoid any fraudulent charges, please be prepared to have identification with you if you choose to use a credit card.

Pick Up: We hope that you take your items with you when you leave, so you can enjoy them as soon as possible, but we realize that’s not always the case. Please arrange pickup within 24 hours (We usually ask by close of the next business day). We’ll have your item(s) ready for you in our warehouse.

Product Cleaning: We purchase items from high quality hotels. Their cleanliness standards are detailed and we have always had wonderful experiences with items we have liquidated. Additionally, we wipe down/vacuum items brought into our showroom and expect the consumer to clean any item further to their own standards.

Used Condition:  We take great care in moving merchandise and wipe down items when we bring them into our showroom. Because our items are gently used, there may be the occasional stain or scratches and some items are more used than others. We offer all our items first come, first served, so the best way to find the very best of the items we offer is to come in as soon as they arrive.

As Is: Due to the gently used nature of our products, all items are sold AS-IS. Due to maintaining our price points, we do not offer returns or exchanges.
We encourage you to inspect the item(s) you wish to purchase. We also encourage you to plug and test any lamps. When we get televisions in stock, we plug them in and hook them up to video to ensure they are in good working order. We do not guarantee any electronics after they leave the property in good working order.

Bugs: We place a high priority on ensuring our items come into our “home” clean and bug-free. We have a a provision in our service agreement with properties we liquidate that states that they ensure items are bed-bug free and have not been previously treated or infested. Beyond that, before bidding on/agreeing to liquidate a hotel, we do our homework, which often includes making a visit to the property and inspecting several rooms ourselves.
Bottom line: We are probably more concerned about our inventory being bug free than you are – we wouldn’t want to risk losing an entire warehouse full of an investment.

Recently Liquidated Hotels: 

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